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Recover data after fast format/erase from NTFS to FAT32

Posted: 18 Aug 2014, 15:11
by timbaah
Hi everyone,

I've excidently erased and reformatted my drives (only) partition from NTFS to FAT32. I need to get all data back, and so I've stumpled upon TestDisk. I'm trying to understand what to do to get the data back, but I'm afraid to mess something up.

A few things I want to know:
- Do I need to select the disk at /dev/disk1 or /dev/rdisk1?
- I don't know the partition table type, but EFI GPT is detected, should I use that?
- What option and steps do I need to take to get the partition back to NTFS and with all files in place?

Thanks in advance! I really hope I can restore my files.