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Partition not accessible + wrong size

Posted: 25 Aug 2014, 21:35
by mavv
one partition of an external 1TB harddisk can't be accessed. Testdisk can't access the files either (with 'p'), nor can it repair the MFT. Deeper Search shows that the whole harddisk has the wrong size. Here is what it says:
Ergebnis Deeper Search 2 Seite 1.png
Ergebnis Deeper Search 2 Seite 1.png (70.28 KiB) Viewed 1536 times
It shows 2.7 TB instead of 1 TB. The NTFS partition it finds is the one in question (there are four, two 180 GB and two 250 GB). I've looked about that kind of problem, but I've only found the solution of resetting the values in "geometry", which doesn't help, or they all seem to be normal. What can I do?

Could it fix the problem if I format the partition? Or could fixing the problem on the other hand fix the partition? Probably not the latter, but I wonder if that is what caused the partition error to begin with, and so I'd like to make sure about it.

I also wonder if there are recommendations for free tools for recovering the files in the original file struture?

Re: Partition not accessible + wrong size

Posted: 01 Sep 2014, 10:55
by mavv
So I guess there is lacking a clear clue or solution, but I could still use a pointer (or link)... Probably going to format shortly. Maybe the problem is going away, maybe not. This of course could have been suggested as well. Or answered in the negative. Somehow I only get strange reactions describing this case and asking simple questions about it in forums...