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Truecrypt partition Recovery

Posted: 05 Oct 2014, 11:10
by sti555

I'm really after some help. I have a 250Gb HDD has worked normally full truecrypt encrypted single partition with bootable OS, Win 7, NTFS.

Pre boot authentication message appears, enter known password but fails to go beyond TC bootloader into OS. This happened for no reason, no changes in TC config or password etc.

Tried mounting drive in a working system with options such as mount with pre boot authentication / use backup boot loader etc, TC message "incorrect password, not truecrypt volume"

I have then run Testcrypt, no partitions found.
Windows sees it as a RAW formatted drive in MMC, offers option to format.
I have then run Testdisk > Shows a partition, select type 07 NTFS > list bad boot sector etc

Is this standard output for Testdisk for TC, anyone have any recovery options, I do not have the TC restore CD.

Any help appreciated!

Re: Truecrypt partition Recovery

Posted: 05 Oct 2014, 13:25
by sti555
This is what I'm getting:

TestDisk 7.0-WIP, Data Recovery Utility, October 2014
Christophe GRENIER <>

Disk \\.\PhysicalDrive1 - 250 GB / 232 GiB - CHS 30401 255 63
Partition Start End Size in sectors
P NTFS 0 0 1 30401 80 63 488397168

Boot sector
Status: Bad

Backup boot sector
Status: Bad

Sectors are not identical.

A valid NTFS Boot sector must be present in order to access
any data; even if the partition is not bootable.

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