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Newbie: Restore an entire partition

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 07:24
by mark847
Win 8.1 seems to have a history of destroying its boot partitions. Luckily I had an old clonezilla image I was able to restore to a spare drive, and I then used TestDisk 7.0 to create "Images" of the non-data partitions. I think going forward, I am going to create "images" of all the non-data partitions, especially if I can find a solution to the following question.

Question: What LiveCD program can I use to restore these "image.dd" to the corrupted disk? They are exactly the same number of sectors. (It has been 20 years since I used unix, so any commands would be helpful).

It would be great if TestDisk 7.1 could "Restore" the image.dd to a partition.

Thanks in an advance for your help.