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"Filesystem seems damaged" issue

Posted: 10 Nov 2014, 09:29
by Ultronium
hello everyone!!

i have a very critical problem going on with my lap top.

i lost a whole partition of my hdd (Seagate ST750LM022), the one that contains ALL MY WORK, PERSONAL FILES EVERYTHING!
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i tried too use testdisk, since i used this awesome program before to recover raw system partition successfully, and after a quick search, i had this unfamiliar issue: heads/cylinders mismatch:
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i tried to follow the indication and change the value from 16 to 255 in geometry configuration, it seems that it worked , i found the lost partition after after a deep search, but when i list the files, nothing is found:
5.JPG (40 KiB) Viewed 2202 times

i really don t know what to do anymore, i don't want to format the partition, my whole life is in there, and recovery tool photorec recovers the files without directories which is inconvenient because i have hundreds of thousands of files in there, (470 GB in the partition)

please help, maybe i missed a step in testdisk procedure.

thank you.

samsung NP300E5A - A02FR
windows: home premium
Intel i3
HDD : Seagate ST750LM022

Re: "Filesystem seems damaged" issue

Posted: 11 Nov 2014, 11:17
by Ultronium
no replay please? im desperate please help me

Re: "Filesystem seems damaged" issue

Posted: 17 Nov 2014, 22:00
by eclark461
Ok first you are going to want to recover the files off of the drive

Read up on my last post when it comes active on how to do this.