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Can't find partition to recover!

Posted: 23 Nov 2014, 01:04
by AnglianSaxon
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Hi all. I am wrestling with a problem on a Seagate 3tb External USB Expansion drive, connected to my Fujitsu Siemens desktop pc. The power adaptor for this drive failed and so I bought a replacement. On plugging it in I found that the little blue LED, which normally flashes continuously, is no longer working even though I can hear/feel the drive powering up. On booting up the pc I notice the drive no longer shows up in My Computer. On opening Disk Management I can see the drive listed as Disk 1 but it only shows as 3.86GB and the following screenshots show what follows. Note there is another Seagate drive shown as drive G which is a new replacement. I have run Test Disk through but it finds no partitions. What should I do next?

Re: Can't find partition to recover!

Posted: 23 Nov 2014, 11:40
by AnglianSaxon
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The forum wouldn't allow me to post more than 3 screenshots. Here are 3 more following on. As can be seen I have done quick search & deeper search but no partition is found. Returning to the main menu I am not sure what the other options do, or which to try. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.