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Can't ''write'' with Testdisk after quick search

Posted: 18 Dec 2014, 00:23
by Sandroe
Hello there,

I hope somebody have a solutions for this: I’m using an external 2 TB WD disk which used to work good. Yesterday I put some new files on it and now explorer doesn’t show the icon of the external disk anymore. The cable is good connected, the usb ports are fine, in diskmanager i can’t do anything but it is visible/ the computer says there is a disk and it is 1863 GB. Here it says the disk it protected against writing after i try to initialise the disk with using MBR. After quik search in Testdisk when i try to ''write'', it says ''write error'', can't write. When i restart my computer it is (as expected) still not visible/enterable.

Does somebody know a solution? Many thanks!

Kind regards,