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Posted: 25 Mar 2015, 18:32
by nicoandra
Good morning friends:

I appreciate a lot your help.

The other day I wanted to make a bootable usb with snow leopard using the application "Disk Utility" (OSX.10.9.5) but, at the time of choosing the usb, I clicked on the hard disk, and then realized I (2 seconds) but it was late, the information does not appear and the disc seems to have lost the partition. Accordingly download the program and ran a deep search and got the following information:


and after this point went for a quick search and got this message


I noticed that at the bottom of the window (Figure 2. up) say "try to locate partition".

Within the program, after selecting the affected disc in this menu, in the details given at the bottom, with green lettering: "No partition table has been detected". and when I select the partition table type for mac, the note says: Correct the disk geometry is required for successful recovery "


and here is where I get lost ..


someone please help .. any advice?