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WD MyBookWorld Data Recovery

Posted: 03 Apr 2015, 23:28
by GeoffatMM
I have a dead disk that I have hooked to my ubuntu 14.04 box. Both ubuntu and windows see the drive but do not mount the partitions. Some partitions are empty but others are seen to be full, say they are healthy but do not recognise the file system so even a manual mount will not work. I do not know what file system is used.

Using testdisk I have written a new partition table (I think) but P does not let me see my files, instead I get a message that says;

"Support for this filesystem hasn't been enable (sic) during compilation"

Not sure what it means or what I have done wrong (if anything).

I will put up screen shots if someone can offer to help me? I am no expert so need to understand what is happening when I use testdisk. I am currently recovering the files using photorec but would prefer to get the directory structure visible to copy if at all possible.

Can anyone help?


Re: WD MyBookWorld Data Recovery

Posted: 04 Apr 2015, 07:47
by cgrenier
It will help if you post a copy of testdisk.log file content.

Re: WD MyBookWorld Data Recovery

Posted: 16 Apr 2015, 18:09
by GeoffatMM
Thanks for your response and trying to help. In the end I tried then purchased UFS Explorer which located all the data and enabled me to transfer it to a second drive. Appreciate your support.