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Bitlocker drive partitions deleted

Posted: 30 May 2015, 10:02
by tmrunner
Good morning,

I do have a 500 GB Harddisk which originally had 3 partitions on it
500 MB Boot Manager partition
500 MB recovery partition
476 GB Bitlocker enrcrypted partition

I happened yesterday that the partitions got deleted by human error and now I am wondering if I will be able to recover the bitlocker partition which shows up as unassigned space in the Diskmanager.
I do have the bitlocker recovery key on an USB device which is why I hope that testdisk will be able to recover it.
Anything that needs to be done in particular ?

many thanks

Re: Bitlocker drive partitions deleted

Posted: 01 Jun 2015, 11:25
by tmrunner
I did eventually manage to get all of my data restored and I`d like to share the solution.

All in all it´s a combination of testdisk and M3 bitlocker recovery.

Firstly I used testdisk and ran a scan on the damaged disk. It just identified an already recovered boot partition but nothing else
I ran another deep scan subsequently which took another 3 hours and it found 3 partitions based on data of the backup MBR.

I changed the flag from "Deleted" to "Primary" again and testdisk came up with a message that the 2 MBRs were not identical. I recovered them and testdisk showed them as being identical again.

The MFT couldn´t be read from the bitlocker disk which is why I bought the M3 bitlocker recovery tools.
The tool asked for my bitlocker key and after entering it the tool started to rebuild the mft and all of a sudden showed the entire content of the deleted bitlocker partition. Afterwards I restored all data to a new disk and all works fine again.
kind regards