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Need some directions on file copying

Posted: 10 Jul 2015, 03:55
by Zumba

To make long story short - I recovered Win7 from the hidden partition on a dual boot laptop (Win + Linux). As a result, my dedicated /home and swap partitions (that belonged to the extended partition) are now seen by the OS as one free space (figure 1 from the testdisk showing current partition). Using testdisk (under Windows 7) I easily find the both, can access files, but somehow I get an error if I try to remap the disk and recover the lost partitions (figure 2). Does anyone know what the problem might be? I really appreciate any input.

If nothing works, I thought I could copy the files from the lost /home to an external drive, then manually re-format free space into swap and /home and finally return the files back. But somehow testdisk (again, under Windows 7) does not suggest the external hard drive for copying, though it reports this disk in the very beginning and the disk is accessible for viewing files on it. Maybe the problem is that it is formatted in ext4 file system to preserve the file attributes, because I (if I remember it correctly) was able to use an external NTFS volume for file copy.
What would you suggest to do in this situation?

Thank you!

UPD. I am so sorry - I forgot to attachments yesterday, but since the posts are pre-moderated I could not edit mine immediately. So here are the screenshots.
Log file:

Re: Need some directions on file copying

Posted: 10 Jul 2015, 22:52
by Zumba
Sorry, I've just noticed that the sizes (more exactly, the coordinates of the ends) of recovery FAT32 partitions on the first screenshot and the second are different. My understanding was that the list after quick search should include the both existing and lost/deleted partitions and therefore, the only FAT32 (which had never been touched) should be the same everywhere. Why do the results before and after quick search differ for this partition?
The same applies to the first Linux partition, which limits are different before and after doing quick search...