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Should i go ahead and write?

Posted: 09 Sep 2015, 12:44
by Protino
Yesterday I had problems with windows 10, i was stuck on automatic repair loop, but everything was fine with the disk.

I was playing around with diskpart like a fool this morning - reassigning drive letters.
I have 4 partitions
C: System reserved
E: System (WHere windows folder resides)
D:Multimedia (Logical drive)
W:Workspace(Logical Drive)

I seleceted volome c: and typed clean (Thinking it will clean some configuration data)

Then BAAM! everything is gone.

So i googled and ended up on Now I've using a live cd of ubuntu i followed steps explained by the site.

When i select analyse and later do quicksearch

i get this :

I there any problem if i write now?

Re: Should i go ahead and write?

Posted: 11 Sep 2015, 06:19
by cgrenier
Set the second partition as *(bootable) instead of the first.