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Truecrypt: How to recover a formated Truecrypt volume?

Posted: 14 Sep 2015, 15:33
by Alir
I had a truecrypt volume before as I had whole disk encrypted my hard drive.

However silly Windows decided to format it when I installed Windows 8.1.

I was trying some methods to get it back, but nothing was working. Truecrypt was however recognising a Volume Header before. I tried to recover the truecrypt header via the one that should have been embedded in the drive, truecrypt said it successfully repaired it.
I was then able to mount it, however I was still allowed to access the actual drive itself and store files on it. When the drive was mounted, I was asked to format, which I tried. However Windows said the format failed.

I thought all was lost so I deleted the volume via disk management and created a new volume (the reason why is irrelevant - Windows related issue).

Now Truecrypt doesn't even recognise the volume header so I have concluded deleting the volume was a bad idea.

Is there some way I can recover the truecrypt volume?

The drive has not been written to - unless Windows has decided to go one step further and frustrate me further.