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Spanned Disk (Windows) Recovery

Posted: 27 Sep 2015, 19:47
by someonesuspicious
Hey testdisk forum,

I've used testdisk in the past and it's always been easy and extremely helpful, but my current situation seems more complex. So I have two 1TB HDDs in a RAID0 managed by my ASUS Motherboard's BIOS. This 2TB "disk" was included as the start of a 6TB Spanned partition (made in Windows 10) that spanned from this "disk" across two other (non-raid) disks.

The problem occurrred when I (foolishly) updated my BIOS and, of course, it broke my RAID settings. After realizing my error, I followed the internet's advice and recreated the RAID0 on those two disks. Testdisk can find the partition on the recreated raid disk, but it thinks the disk is too small (see pic) because it sees the partition as stretching 6TB on a 2TB disk. Photorec seems to work, but I only have 2TB available on another hard drive so I will have to do each drive individually which will take about a week or two by current speeds.

Is there some way I can just tell testdisk to ignore the problem and write the partition anyways? Or perhaps some other software that can do what I need?


Re: Spanned Disk (Windows) Recovery

Posted: 28 Sep 2015, 06:40
by cgrenier
PhysicalDrive1 is a single disk, a member of the Raid array. There should be a 6TB device, select it.