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EXFAT raid 0 recovery

Posted: 12 Nov 2015, 21:41
by tomtailford

GRAID 8TB (2x4TB striped raid) - EXFAT - showing up as RAW in windows / not showing partition in mac (only device)

Testdisk detects EFI GPT partition

Analysed - showed correct partition name (Chimp)
List files - showed all my files
Backup - saved current pariton list to backup.log file (not sure where this is on a MBP?)
Wrote partition structure to disk (thinking it would fix)
List files - "support for this filesystem hasn't been implemented"
Says MacHFS? (Confusing as 99% sure it was exfat)
Backup - saved current partition list as follows:

Code: Select all

#1447360813 Disk /dev/sdc - 8001 GB / 7451 GiB - CHS 972792 255 63
 1 : start=       40, size=   409600, Id=00, P
 2 : start=   409640, size=2742337456, Id=00, P
Please tell me I've not royally screwed myself :/

Re: EXFAT raid 0 recovery

Posted: 13 Nov 2015, 07:51
by cgrenier
Run "cmd" (right click run as administrator) and "chkdsk /f d:" (replace d: by the correct drive letter).

Re: EXFAT raid 0 recovery

Posted: 13 Nov 2015, 08:53
by tomtailford
Thanks for your response!

After switching my laptop and drive off last night, the drive no longer shows up as RAW in windows and is showing up as follows (image)