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data/partition recover after initialize disk?

Posted: 13 Feb 2016, 01:41
by 3ndless
Hi guys... need some help and advice here.

initially my laptop not able to boot (start up show no bootable device). I decide to plug the laptop hdd to my PC to backup some files.

1. when plug into another PC (running on win7), the laptop hdd show in device manager but not in my computer .
2. So I go to disk management and it ask me to initialize the unknown disk1 with MBR or GPT partition table. I just click ok (default was MBR)
3. After that i have an unallocated space disk, and still no drive letter assign. Right click and only option is to format.
4. i google and saw some mentioned should NOT initialize and will cause data loss.
5. i use testdisk and not able to find partition in quick scan. now doing deep scan and it seems like taking forever.

so is there any chance i still can get my file back? how do i proceed? thanks