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No response at "Select a media"

Posted: 08 Mar 2016, 23:36
by td666
Using OS X version 10.8.5, TestDisk 6.14, a friend's 1TB NTFS drive, has not been erased or otherwise changed, except he suddenly got a message that it needs to be formatted. He uses Windows, but has no clue. I have NTFS-3G write driver installed. I used TestDisk about two years ago, and it was intuitive, no confusion. Now it does nothing or it does something, but does not reveal the results.

After I choose to create a log or not, Return opens the same log choice dialog again, so I choose again. Then I see "Select a media". Disk Utility identifies the drive as "disk4", so with "Proceed" highlighted, I arrow down, press Return. The screen doesn't change, no response. After 20 or so seconds, the fan gets much louder and temps rise, so that indicates processor activity. I launch Activity Monitor to see "testdisk" using 99-100% of CPU. Below that is another "testdisk" using the same, but they refresh to differing amounts. After 5 hours, high temperature, but no change to the Terminal screen, so I go to bed. Next morning, still loud fans, high temperature. I give up, and in Activity Monitor, I select testdisk and click Quit. Then Terminal screen says "Process complete". Which process is complete or does that simply mean "Hey, you quit testdisk"? Have files been saved to some location? Do I have files saved somewhere or do I need to wait a week for the process to fully complete or do I need to jump through more hoops, and where are these hoops?

Re: No response at "Select a media"

Posted: 09 Mar 2016, 21:16
by cgrenier
Can you try using TestDisk 7.1-WIP ?