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Damaged disk is extremely slow

Posted: 18 Mar 2016, 13:27
by Leeke
Hi there,
My 2TB external drive was connected and worked fine.
Suddenly (no strange handling or unplugging) that drive seems to freeze.
Shut down the system and tried again: same disfunction.
The disk(s) inside the turn smooth, no clicking, ticking or other noises.
Shut the system down and disconnected the drive from the casing and used the casing of another (exactly the same) drive: same disfunction.

Windows recognizes the drive and it takes about 30 minutes to see all the folders, but the folders are not accesable, windows freezes.
Chkdsk doesn't recognizes the drive.
Recuva doesn't recognizes the drive.

So i'm trying Testdisk now.
Testdisk recognizes the drive and when i follow the instructions it comes to the field: "Current partition table status".
When i choose the first option: analyse, it's going to work, but it's extremely slow.
After 8 hours:
Analyse Cylinder: 3/243200 0%
Read error: 2/237/44

After 14 hours:
Analyse Cylinder: 5/243200 0%
Read error: 4/247/52

So when it keeps analysing in this speed it wil take about years to get the work done :shock:

Any suggestions?

Re: Damaged disk is extremely slow

Posted: 20 Mar 2016, 09:09
by cgrenier
Probably a damaged head or very large damaged area. You need to contact a data recovery company.