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Intel Raid 5 Partition Recovery

Posted: 14 Jul 2016, 17:16
by SirTux
Hello everyone,

I had an 4 drive Raid 5 volume fail and was able to get to Intel Rapid and remove the drives from the raid and recreated the volume in Intel Rapid Technology. I installed MiniTools and did a partition recovery scan and was able to see all the files in the recovered partition but decided to use TestDisk since is a freeware to recover partition with data in there. After Analyzed the drive it found the partition when I went to backup and then write the changes saw that the search is missing a lot of files that I need but this was realized after changes were write to the disk but without rebooting. now when I run minitool's again the folders that were listed in testdisk show empty in minitool too. Is there a way to reverse changes written to disk so I reverse the partition written from testdisk this way I can recover the files.

Thank You Ardi

Re: Intel Raid 5 Partition Recovery

Posted: 15 Jul 2016, 06:19
by cgrenier
When TestDisk rewrote the partition table, it didn't modify the partition content.
If some files are missing, it may be because the wrong partition has been restored or because Windows chkdsk has "fixed" some filesystem inconsistencies by removing files.
Check if your files are not stored in a found.000 directory.
It's possible to use PhotoRec to recover files from the free/unallocated space of your partition, you just need to store the recovered data on another disk.

Re: Intel Raid 5 Partition Recovery

Posted: 15 Jul 2016, 16:24
by SirTux
I understand it didn't modify the partition content just modified the partition table so files that were under a specific directory don't show under that directory. I wanted to know if it was possible to reverse the partition table write and re scan again to see if it will pickup the proper directory structure. if I do a deeper scan now is there a chance that it will recognize the proper directory structure of the partition even after the first write.