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New at this, looking for some guidance

Posted: 21 Jul 2016, 20:53
by Madfable
Hey all, I recently did something extremely stupid. In short, when I upgraded to windows 10, I got delete happy and deleted my backup drive partition. I thought it I put a partition back on it I will still have all my backed up stuff. Alas no. So here I stand hoping I did not just lose 20+ years of family photo's, tax records, job related stuff, I mean the REALLY important stuff.

I downloaded teskdisk after hearing so many great things about it related to partition issues, but I have NEVER had to use a data recovery program before as I had always been so careful in the past. So I feel a bit out of my element here.

Here is what i have done thus far, I tried an intel analysis as I figured it would be under that, nothing. Tried something called Eifi(?) or something like that as it "hinted" there seems to be something there. Still waiting for the results on that since it takes days to scan.

So in short I am wondering if someone else has been down this same path and has any advice, or perhaps knowledge of a guide of some sort for my specific problem I can follow to increase the chances of getting my partition back and along with it, all my folders and files of super importance? Any and all advice would be seriously most appreciated. I am a the verge of a panic attack at this point.

Re: New at this, looking for some guidance

Posted: 22 Jul 2016, 13:03
by cgrenier
Has your backup partition been reformated ?
In the worst case, it's still possible to use PhotoRec to recover your data.

Re: New at this, looking for some guidance

Posted: 22 Jul 2016, 17:59
by Madfable
No. Even though it has asked me to reformat I have not as I figured that would make it harder to recover. Also I have used my primary drive to run testdisk.

Would photorec find my folders and such? Doc files and family video's etc etc? I have just a few percent left on the deep scan, so I will post my findings if any.

Re: New at this, looking for some guidance

Posted: 22 Jul 2016, 23:12
by Madfable
Okay, well it found a partition and it says, "The following partition can't be recovered" :(