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External Hard Drives

Posted: 07 Aug 2016, 07:24
by spyderrp7
For recovering lost partitions on external hard drives (3.5inch), is it important to recover with the external controller or is it irrelevant?
For example, if I have a 3TB external hard drive with USB2, recovering with the USB2 would be super slow.
So to get better speeds, it would be better to remove the drive from the external usb2 case, and plug it in directly to the motherboard with SATA.
In such a case, would the recovery be correct???

Re: External Hard Drives

Posted: 09 Aug 2016, 19:50
by EvilWayz
I'd be interested to know about this as well, as I've heard a rumor that WD drives have some sort of encryption that the board in the external case decodes.