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Recover formatted NTFS Partition

Posted: 16 Dec 2016, 20:39
by mattg1217
I had a blonde moment and formatted my 4tb WD HDD to Mac OS Journaled before transferring over content. It was previously formatted NTFS. Nothing has been written to the drive since the format took place. I realized what I had done the minute I formatted.

My question is, do I follow to same process on the "step-by-step" guide or will my situation be unique in the fact I'm attempting to recover a windows partition that has been formatted to Mac? I'm currently running the deeper search now, which is 99% done. Will recovering the partition recover all my files automatically or will that be a whole other animal in itself?

Just wanting to make sure I don't make the situation worse once the deeper search is complete! Thanks in advance for any advice/tips.

Re: Recover formatted NTFS Partition

Posted: 18 Dec 2016, 09:52
by cgrenier
TestDisk should find the NTFS partition using the backup boot sector. Set this partition as P(rimary). On next screen, choose Write, confirm.
If asked, choose BackupBS, confirm, Quit, and restart the computer. when a filesystem is formated as HFS+/HFSJ, backup superblock are spread on the whole partition, some files have been partially overwritten.
You should be able to access your files but some will be corrupted.