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Recover RAID array (incl. array sequence, stripe size)

Posted: 10 Jun 2017, 16:14
by kube

I have older 2-disk RAID-0 array created with the firmware-based, Intel Storage Matrix RAID. The individual did not save the configuration and rebooted using the incorrect parameters.

Stripe size is unknown. The data is preserved, as the OS never rebooted. It was a Windows (7?) installation, likely NTFS. I do not have the original motherboard.

Can I use testdisk/photorec to recreate the RAID configuration and partition scheme?

(As this is as much an intellectual exercise as a practical matter, Q:) Would a viable strategy be to identify a largish known file ( > 2 * stripe size) then attempt to reassemble it? (If this in fact would work I will plant such a file in my RAID arrays)


Re: Recover RAID array (incl. array sequence, stripe size)

Posted: 11 Jun 2017, 09:26
by cgrenier
If using Linux, you can use the "dmraid -ay" command to identify the correct parameters.
There are commercial utilities for Windows designed to recover RAID parameters.
MFT records used on NTFS partition are identified by PhotoRec (check the log or xml file), using the sector location and the mft record number, it is possible to deduce the Raid parameters... (An exercise for long winter nights)