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Testdisk can find all info on the drive, but nothing else

Posted: 10 Sep 2017, 20:21
by 13ronin
Hello all! New to this utility, but been fighting this drive off and on for a couple months with no luck. Found my way to testdisk and I like it. It seems to work better than some data rescue software. Several programs won't even see the drive at all. Ok here goes the synopsis.

Running Windows 7.

External 500gb drive stopped working randomly one day. I may have disconnected it improperly, but I can't remember for sure. Regardless, windows explorer won't see it. I've tried a few recovery methods. Wondershare full version won't do anything, mini tool full version could see all the info on the drive, but couldn't do anything either. Testdisk is doing the same. It will pull up the entire directory and I follow the subfolders as deep as I want. But when I try to write the partition so I can access it, nothing. I can't even see where it is making a log file. Im running it out of a folder in my documents, and I am right clicking to run as administrator. Photrec seems to work, but at the speed it is going would take a week, and everything will be a jumbled mess what with not saving it by individual folders. Thoughts?

Thanks ahead of time. Need this drive as it was the back up of my main drive which bricked a week or so prior.

Re: Testdisk can find all info on the drive, but nothing else

Posted: 12 Sep 2017, 05:46
by cgrenier
Using TestDisk, try to copy the files to another disk.