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recovering data from a luks partition

Posted: 22 Sep 2017, 21:52
by cladion

total noob and I need lots of explanations

I need to recover some data from a hdd. HDD works, it was a fully functioning luks partition and Xubuntu OS. I tried to make new encrypted disk (also, wipe the existing OS), but failed, so there is hope the fileI need is still there.

The problem I see is, I need to somehow write the passphrase (I still remember it), so I can get to see readable files. I assume I am not going to recover anything until I write the passphrase and work with the unit decrypted. If I testdisk with an encrypted unit, Im not going to see anything , correct?

So, how do I write the LUKS passphrase to recover data?

All testdisk shows now is a LVM and several, thousands of ext4 blocks (I dont know if those are blocks, because im a noob).


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>P Linux LVM2               0   0  1 38913  80 63  625142448
 P ext4                     0  32 31 38391 157 36  616759296
 P ext4                     0  32 33 38391 157 38  616759296
im ready to follow your instructions, if you are that kind.

Re: recovering data from a luks partition

Posted: 24 Sep 2017, 09:17
by cgrenier
TestDisk didn't list your LUKS partition, it looks like the existing LUKS filesystem header has been wiped.
Without it, your passphrase is totally useless and you can not recover your data. Sorry.