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3TB Resize Partition Wrong way Lost1.5TB 450GB

Posted: 20 Nov 2017, 11:53
by mrbsdo
I recently had a seagate 3TB Expansion with perhaps 4 partitions on it. I resized the HFS+ to remove the smaller partitions back down to 2 and then resizing went the wrong way and acquired my 1.5TB instead of the other way around. Now i think about it, i think the 1TB Backup disk may have acquired the smaller partitions hence the resulting 1050GB (1.1TB) and the 450GB acquired the 1.5TB leaving a 1.9TB

I had it set up as 2 x 1.5TB
I added a 450GB partition to one half then another for an OS X partition. 1.5TB Media 1TB Backup 450GB Recoverdisk 50GB OS X installs OSX.
Im unsure the way i did it because i did OSX with a parallel of windows on it, Virtual 250GB Drive and all OSX installs on it. so it was ~68GB and a smaller OSX partition with other Version
I went into El Capitan Disk utility and resized to get rid of the smaller partitions id created. Moved the lines to resize, Drives dropped and then i had to find a way to recover all the data.

Found Testdisk early in the process, it scanned and i wasn't quite sure i was following the instructions properly, after a scan, or a couple of scans, the missing drive appeared in the thing as D and Green and not sure, it seemed like i was pushing my machine and it kinda glitches a bit and the delay got me and it skipped ahead and missed it.

Ive run the deep scan, see attached

Cheers, :)

Re: 3TB Resize Partition Wrong way Lost1.5TB 450GB

Posted: 21 Nov 2017, 07:02
by cgrenier
If your missing partition is listed after Quick Search or Deeper Search, use the arrow keys to switch the partition to P(rimary).
On next screen, if all your partitions (partitions to keep + partitions to recover) are listed, choose Write, confirm, Quit and restart your computer.