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Unknow problem with SHDD, HDD, Win10 scandisk and docking station

Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 18:02
by merovingio
Problem: i try to move data from an SSHD 2.5' to an HDD 3.5', all into same docking station
After move a directory from SSHD to HDD i try to cancel it, but windows with cancel operation was stuck. I try to pause and stop and also close the copying/deleting WIN10 windows.
After this i restart my notebook becouse remove external HDD and SHDD do not remove for an active process.
At restart, before logon my account WIN10 see the external SHDD and HDD active and start a scandisk.
After scandisk on windows i try to enter inside SHDD and HDD, but there are problem to view directory (there are not similar to how they were to be).
Then after 1-2 minutes 1 of 2 partition of SSHD and 1 of 2 partition of HDD begun not accessible.
After this i try to entry inside the disk and an error message says: disk structure is damaged and illegible.
Computer management inside administration tool on control panel or Partition Magic Software cant see the units (cant see also not allocated memory... SHDD and HDD simply was invisible).
I try Scandisk inside win10, i try SFC /scannow... cant be used.
Inside Computer management into control panel see the HDD and SHDD, but with problem: The device driver can not be loaded for this hardware. A previous driver instance is still in memory. (Code 38).
Then i find this solution: ... 093?auth=1
where says to cancel inside computer management all "controller host AMD USB3.0 eXtensible e tutti i sotto driver"
After this units was invisible (i cant see the damaged partition but also cant see the not damaged partition same for SHDD and HDD).
I try to see SHDD and HDD inside Windows Safe Mode, and after this i see not damaged partition (i can entry on it) and i see a damaged partition (i cant entry on it) :o

Then on microsoft support forum they says to use TestDisk to try to restore damaged partition of SHDD and HDD.
Quick search found any partition,


but i see:


I have no idea how to make...

Re: Unknow problem with SHDD, HDD, Win10 scandisk and docking station

Posted: 23 Jan 2018, 09:08
by cgrenier
You have searched partitions inside a partition, it's useless.
Read chapter "Repairing Filesystem".

Re: Unknow problem with SHDD, HDD, Win10 scandisk and docking station

Posted: 20 Feb 2018, 22:28
by merovingio
Thanks for reply.
Sorry if i reply only now.

I see cap. 7.1, repair filesystem in windows (chkdsk /f d:).
Starting prompt like admin, (damaged unity is D:\), i start chkdsk /f d:
Appear message:
"The file system is NTFS type.
Unable to see the version and status of the volume. CHKDSK terminated."

Then i try repairing FAT32, exFAT and NTFS boot sector using TestDisk
1) start testdisk
2) select the device: D:/
3) confirm the partition table type: i have try Intel/PC partition.
4) go in the Advanced menu
5) i found 1 partition
1 P EFI GPT 0 0 2 267349 89 4 4294967295
Before of this problem i have 2 partition inside the HDD.

I have no idea how to make.
Before here i see a lot of forum that says to try to access disk with linux. Some advice?

Re: Unknow problem with SHDD, HDD, Win10 scandisk and docking station

Posted: 25 Feb 2018, 16:29
by merovingio
Hi, i think that damaged partition is Raw HDD.
"TestDisk: Repairing NTFS boot sector" without data losing?

R-Studio data recovery program show:"Unable to open the volume because MFT file is outside disk bounds"

I make a little progress: