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Help with Corrupt files willing to Pay!

Posted: 03 Feb 2018, 21:51
by meltilly
Hi everyone I am a photographer and today I was downloading my 8gb CF card to my imac desktop so I could erase the card to use again. Before it was finished the computer ejected the card and erased all the files. I have tried all the other data recovery software to no avail. It looks like people have great success with testdisk and photo rec, however, I just dont think I can run it successfully because I have no idea what to do. I have the corrupt CR2 files in a folder on my desktop. Is there anyone I can pay to use the testdisk or photorec to try and fix the files for me? Thanks in advance.

Re: Help with Corrupt files willing to Pay!

Posted: 04 Feb 2018, 09:03
by cgrenier
Use PhotoRec on the whole space of your memory card as described in or