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TestDisk issue with Linux

Posted: 05 Jul 2012, 10:18
by themattkim
howdy folks!

long story short...

blew my /boot partition on my CentOS server which caused the server not to boot. found my partitions in 'linux rescue' using TestDisk which i wrote back to disk. TestDisk advised me to reboot...i did, but still not booting up properly. i went back into 'linux rescue' and did a 'fdisk -l'...found all the missing partitions that weren't there before. so i know its been written to disk, but still having an issue booting up. it will not get to the splash screen and gets stuck at a blank screen with a cursor.

is my grub.conf still messed up? also i noticed that my partitions went from /dev/sdb# to /dev/sda#.

any help would be much appreciated!