Need step by step guide for recovering HFS partition

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Need step by step guide for recovering HFS partition

#1 Post by Marcello73 »

Need step by step guide for recovering HFS partition

I know how everybody hates neeewbies.. but I hope you understand how bad is it when you loose a whole day video production work!

Help on HFS partition on MacOs. I recorded files on a CFast 2.0 and the Lexar card reader did a mess. It changed the card name to the previous one I had inserted but name was graded out and card was not readable. In my (stupid 1 stupid ! stupid !) attempt to recover something I tried formatting it in the camera. Card was now readable but totally blank.

I was able to reproduce the problem on another card the next day and fixed very easily with Disk Doctor, while for this card... well.. now that is formatted it just looks empty and the only way could be to go file bu file. I tried many recovery softwares but none of them is equipped to recognise "3:1 COMPRESSED RAW BLACKMAGIC DNG" so no deep scan for files finds anything.

The only way is to recover the OLD partition.. the one that was there (corrupted or not) before I formatted the card. If we get the partition and we fix it.. is done.

I think TEST DISK is the only software that can do it.. but I am not good at this... Don't really know how to recover an OLD partition table with the OLD file list. It is not so old.. I just need to revert my last step.. the formatting.

Can it be one?
Can somebody help me STEP BY STEP.... ?

I am attaching some files that might help. Number 04 then goes on with the list. I think (am I wrong?) the list is of ALL the times I re-formatted the card (is a card I use in my camera for making videos). If it is... I just need last time.. so.. not the partition I see now.. but the one before. But how do I select ONE specific? I think the 8192 is what I have now.. I need the one before? From here on I am stuck.

Thank you for any help !
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Re: Need step by step guide for recovering HFS partition

#2 Post by cgrenier »

As the card has been formated, try PhotoRec instead of TestDisk.