Laptop crashed now cant find boot partition

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Laptop crashed now cant find boot partition

#1 Post by Robert90903 »

So on my laptop I have a 1.5tb sshh (hybrid) came with laptop and has 3 partitions on it

I was just using it normally one night I think I changed tabs on edge (yes I know I use edge) and it just crashed was hanging for ages but not responding I noticed I could push the windows key and the menu would come up but that was about it so was odd that something was responding

Then after a few minutes of it doing this I got the blue screen it said something along the lines of windows encounted a problem and needs to shut down, with the :( sad face in the corner of the screen

It re booted and went straight into bios

I thought this was weird and just re set it but same thing

Then under boot options I noticed only my dvd drive was listed I tried a windows repair via a usb installer but it said windows cant repair start up

I then went to command prompt and put in notepad, save as and looked around and everything was empty no files on the boot partition, the other two where fine

So I put it into my desktop and ran testdisk

Quick search found just the two partitions I could see

Deep search found nothing more

So I ran photorec and it recovered alot, I was semi happy
Until looking through it
Not a single file is from that boot sector, its like it never existed
I can't seem to manage to find a single file from it

Any ideas on what else I can try

Ive never had this issue before
Thank you in advance

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Re: Laptop crashed now cant find boot partition

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Is your disk using PC Intel or EFI GPT partition table ?
Does TestDisk, Advanced list 3 partitions ?
Have you repaired your boot partition using chkdsk ?
Have you tried what is written in "How to make the system bootable again" from ?