Missing HDD Partition After creating dual-boot with K-Ubuntu and Windows 7

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Missing HDD Partition After creating dual-boot with K-Ubuntu and Windows 7

#1 Post by Hugo841 » 12 Dec 2018, 12:54

I had some requirements which made me decide to install K-Ubuntu with parallel Windows-7 OS. I made some free space on a separate partition and booted the system with a bootable pen-drive with K-Ubuntu_16.04. The problems that occurred are as follows :

After installation when I restarted the system, the was no boot-loader for K-Ubuntu. If there is a pen-drive in one the USB slots, K-Ubuntu boots up as per the boot-order. Else if there is no pen-drive then Windows-7 is booted up automatically.

When the Windows-OS boots up, I am unable to find my D: drive (which,by the way was not the K-Ubuntu installation target drive.) which was a totally independent drive with my movies and other apkjunky stuff.

While K-Ubuntu boots up from pen-drive, all the drives are present and accessible in the Ubuntu file-explorer. All I need is a K-Ubuntu OS selection option boot-loader screen and all partitions should be available on both the Operating Systems.

It is a high probability that there is not a boot-loader showing up for OS because the K-Ubuntu was nevr properly installed in the first place.

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