MDT Deployment Disk does not create partitions properly

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MDT Deployment Disk does not create partitions properly

#1 Post by Charlie202 » 17 Dec 2018, 08:33

I am working on an offline DVD based deployment image and have created an .iso file that properly deploys to a Hyper-V virtual machine instance. My deployment requires me to have 3 standard hard drives; Windows, Data, and Logs.

The system is using UEFI partitions, but I have duplicated the appropriate drives on the BIOS option as well mobdro.

The resultant partitions are as follows (with obvious differences with the BIOS version):

Boot (EFI) 499 mb
(MSR) 128 mb
Windows (Primary) 65% remaining, NTFS (C:)
Data (Primary) 40% remaining, NTFS (D:)
Logs (Primary) 80% remaining, NTFS (E:)
Recovery (Recovery) 100% remaining NTFS
After testing to ensure that the .iso was working properly, I burned the .iso to disc with Poweriso. I have burned the disc twice to ensure there was no issue. The second time, I used a slow burn speed.

On the VM, the partitions function as expected with no errors, but when running the deployment from a dvd, the partitions I see are as follows:

Boot (EFI) 499 mb
(MSR) 128 mb
Windows (Primary) NTFS (C:)
Data (Primary) NTFS (D:)
Recovery (Recovery) NTFS
The E:\ drive is not accessible to manually create a drive during a suspense in the deployment.

What would be an effective method to fix this partition creation error?
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Re: MDT Deployment Disk does not create partitions properly

#2 Post by cgrenier » 18 Dec 2018, 22:13

Maybe the problem is linked to the PC Intel partitionning
PC Intel partitionning is limited to 4 entries, usually
- 4 primary partitions
- 3 primary and an extended partition containing one or more logical partitions.

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