Recover data from formatted hard drive encrypted with Bitlocker

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Recover data from formatted hard drive encrypted with Bitlocker

#1 Post by Eve702 » 18 Dec 2018, 06:57

I have a 1.5TB hard drive that I bought it at 2010 and I placed there all my files like: university exercises, Microsoft's student projects, images and videos, also CVs, apps and many of my jobs. These files are important. I don't really care about the music or the movies that take up most of the space. I have split my drive into 2 partitions 1TB and 500MB and I encrypted the 1TB partition with my important files like above with BitLocker in Windows 7 Ultimate.

My hard drive had been affected by "tic-tak" at the end of 2012, and the computer didn't recognize it. After a few days the tic-tac was stopped and I was able to view my two partitions. I saved the files from the 500MB partition, but I was not able to explore the important files on the 1TB partition. Even after I typed my Bitlocker password, it didn't open.

It was the last time that I was able to view my first 1TB partition, so I decided to send it back to e-shop. I have 5 years of warranty and after two weeks they said that they couldn't do anything (recovery system has not any progress) so I got it back without replacing it, because I wanted the damaged disk with my files.

I made the mistake of deleting the partitions. I quick formatted my hard drive, and then I was not able to find my partitions. Also I made one new partition of the entire disk and then I deleted it! So the disk is working now!

I tried with Active Recovery, Partition Table, Magic Partition, Partition Guru and many other like the famous TestDisk to recover my files, but nothing worked mobdro!

Keep in mind that all programs were getting many time and some of them were getting an error at 54% of the disk. Also I know my password and I don't have the recovery key!
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Re: Recover data from formatted hard drive encrypted with Bitlocker

#2 Post by cgrenier » 18 Dec 2018, 22:15

Your disk was encrypted, so it's not possible to recover your data unfortunately.

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