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Deleted recovery partition, restart, blue screen.

Posted: 04 Jan 2019, 01:41
by SpaceRonin
Hello. I got a pos Nextbook with windows 8.1.was about to upgrade to 10. Needed HD space.
Got. Partition program, deleted the 5GB recovery partition. Figured it was only for recovery.
Guess it held the mbr and other essential stuff for booting.
Ok well the software that deleted it for me needed a pc restart to complete the operation.
So i restarted and now only get the blue screen in the attached pic.
Windows key does nothing, all options using f8 like safe mode, etc just 180 it back to that screen.
The partition should be in tact.. and im sure i need another pc to load either testdisk or photorec onto a usb stick. I was hoping someone could guide me on how to set up the stick so when i boot the nextbook it reads it and allows me to proceed.

I did not understand the methods on your sites main screen. But i am pretty puter savvy.

Thank u very mucho.

Re: Deleted recovery partition, restart, blue screen.

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 06:49
by cgrenier
If you connect the disk from your notebook on another computer, you should be able to copy/recover your data.
If you have an original Microsoft Windows DVD, you should be able to boot from it and repair the installation.
If instead you have manufacturer DVD, booting from them will restore the computer to factory defaults.