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RAW SD card

Posted: 20 Jan 2019, 16:21
by joebron
I recently ended up with a RAW 128gb SD card after removing it from an Android phone while it was scanning an RUU file (a form of installation file, to be installed on the phone, from not to the SD card in question). I had previously been able to read files in Windows, so I assumed it was exFAT before becoming RAW, but others have suggested it was ext4.

Ideally, I'd like to recover everything as it was, with a folder structure, but somehow this seems unlikely. Just the files would be good enough now.

Testdisk and various free versions of paid-for undelete tools (like EaseUS) found only files from waaaaay back, before I had ever used the card in Android. As a precaution, I took two RAW copies of the full card onto two harddisks and compared the MD5 of each (match).

A little wary of the risk of using various features of testdisk (I've never used it before), I thought the best thing to do next was a format (not quick format) to exFAT in windows and run all the undelete tools again. No results. Then I tried formatting using Android. All software returned no results again.

What else can I do? The contents of the card should still be as they were (unless the formatting twice effected that).

In testdisk, are "superblock" or "boot" forms of recovery any relevance to me?

Re: RAW SD card

Posted: 22 Jan 2019, 17:13
by cgrenier
Try TestDisk, Advanced, List or Boot and List.
If using PhotoRec, choose [Whole] instead of [Free]. Otherwise you will recover only deleted files.