Boot drive not initializing

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Boot drive not initializing

#1 Post by Lightus » 02 Jun 2019, 07:00


I have a Kingston A400 240 GB SSD. I am using Windows 10. Yesterday my boot ssd stopped working while i was installing a game and the power went off. I have a UPS for backup but it gave up very quickly and the computer shutdown. I reinstalled windows on my other SSD (during the formatting process I could see the disk showing unallocated space but i wasn't able to format it) and checked the disk management window where it shows that the drive is not initialized. Using the inbuilt tool doesn't help as it gives an error 'The system cannot find the file specified'. I then used testdisk - first I went into the advanced option but it says no partition available. After that selecting Analyse threw a read error. After doing quick search I got a comment 'No partition found or selected for recovery'. Doing a Deeper Search results in the same comment. What should i do now? Is my drive dead?

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Re: Boot drive not initializing

#2 Post by cgrenier » 02 Jun 2019, 16:17

Use a tool (ie. from the disk manufacturer) to check the SMART status of your disk.

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