recover drives listed in log file from quick search

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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recover drives listed in log file from quick search

#1 Post by usman599 » 06 Jul 2019, 06:51


I formatted my drive while installing ubuntu by mistake.

Then I used testdisk to recover partitions. It shows the partitions in quick search option, but there was no option to write it. So I pressed enter then correct list gone and only 2 partitions start showing which are created by ubuntu LVM. so i again ran deeper search and numerous drives got found after many hours. Then I selected the partitions I need, marked them as P. Then write to disk and rebooted the system. windows operating system didn't booted. and also BitLocker encrypted drives are not shown but other drives were showing.

Then I used gdisk to create new partition table using information from log file. But it generated corrupted filesystem.

Now have again started the testdisk to do deeper search to give it another try.

Is there chances of BitLocker encrypted partitions to be recovered.

If yes then how can I proceed.

Can I manually create partition table rather consuming time on deeper search as I already have partition table in log file as below:

Code: Select all

   P MS Data                     2048     206847     204800
     NTFS, blocksize=4096, 104 MB / 100 MiB
   P MS Data                   206848  209717247  209510400
     NTFS, blocksize=4096, 107 GB / 99 GiB
     MS Data                218451969 1055266816  836814848
     NTFS found using backup sector, blocksize=4096, 428 GB / 399 GiB
     MS Data                941067425  945118021    4050597 [çç]¶B¯•DOŒCm
     cramfs, 2073 MB / 1977 MiB
     MS Data               1055266816 1892081663  836814848
     NTFS, blocksize=4096, 428 GB / 399 GiB
     MS Data               1830645761 1892083712   61437952
     NTFS found using backup sector, blocksize=4096, 31 GB / 29 GiB
     MS Data               1892083712 1953521663   61437952
     NTFS, blocksize=4096, 31 GB / 29 GiB
Please help.

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Re: recover drives listed in log file from quick search

#2 Post by cgrenier » 06 Jul 2019, 07:54

I don't know if it will be possible to recover a working bitlocker partition as the filesystem has been reformated by Ubuntu.
When using TestDisk, after Quick Search, you can use the key 'a' to manually add a partition.