I misused TestDisk and I don't know how to recover my hard drive

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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I misused TestDisk and I don't know how to recover my hard drive

#1 Post by Enjambre »

Hey, fellas.
I'm new here, so I greet you all!
I'm from Argentina and speak little English, so I'm using an automatic translator. I hope you understand the limitations of this.

I got a Toshiba brand SATA hard disk from a notebook ... according to the owner, the disk was partitioned in 2: in one partition the OS, in the other the personal data.
I connected it as a secondary disk to my PC and it took him a few minutes to recognize it... in doing so he found 2 partitions: one bootable, the other unidentified (and this could not be entered).

To try to recover that unidentified partition (which weighs 900 gigas) I downloaded the TestDisk, and almost without knowing how to use it I followed the guide intuitively.
He did the quick search and as a result appeared 2 partitions: the bootable and another primary.
Without paying much attention to the numbers that appeared, I click "Write", restarted the PC and it started immediately, recognizing the hard disk partitioned in 2, but both partitions do not add up to 500 Megas.

I noticed WIndows Disk Manager (I use Win XP SP3) and the disk appears partitioned in 3 ... the two partitions that recognizes "My Computer" and one more (900 Gigas) that appears as "unallocated".

Obviously I was wrong with TestDisk and I wrote something I didn't have to write :cry:

I started looking for a solution to this problem and found a tutorial on how to use TestDisk, where it gives an explanation about cylinders, sectors and heads, and I realized that this hard disk I want to recover has values (224.19) very different from the "common" (255, 63).
I tried to change these values in Geometry and made a new quick search and then a deeper one, but the partition I'm looking for doesn't appear.

That's as far as I did.

It occurred to me to assign a letter from WIndows to the partition, to see if this way it recognizes it and the data that is in it appears.
It also occurred to me to remove all the partitions and start again with TestDisk, to see what it finds.
But they are all ideas of someone who does not know much about the subject, beyond formatting and partitioning a disk, which I have done successfully several times ... but this recovery of partitions and lost data is something new to me, and more complex than I imagined.

I apologize if I went too far with the explanation.
I hope someone can guide me to save everything on this hard drive.

Thank you very much from now :)

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Re: I misused TestDisk and I don't know how to recover my hard drive

#2 Post by cgrenier »

If I understand correctly
- the original problem was a filesystem identfied as RAW
- the actual problem is you have rewritten the partition table without the corrupted partition
Run TestDisk, ANalyse, Quick Search, Stop, Deeper Search, for each partition found, use 'p' to list its files.
If you want to recover this partition, switch it to P(rimary) or *(bootable).
On next screen, choose Write, confirm,
if asked, choose BackupBS and confirm,
Quit and restart your computer.