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HFS+ bootdrive unformatted, Size 0 Bytes, New name "Media"

Posted: 31 Jul 2012, 13:28
by bluetao
My gf's iMac running Snowleopard is acting up.Upon start-up shows only folder with questionmark.
Starting up from ext drive opening DIsk Utility I found the disk. However, no partitions at all, name has changed to "media", it appears unformatted and it's size is a whopping 0 bytes!

Tried Disk Warrior, Data Rescue, Stellar Phoenix a few others but no luck.

Found out about Test Disk but am not a computer geek. This is how far I got.

Enabled root user
Opened Test Disk using Sudo command
Disk is write protected
Could not unmount the disk
Went ahead and Analyzed the only partition and searched for more partitions.
Did a Deeper Search but no luck.

I've spent hours on this forum trying to get a clue but I didn't. You're doing a fantastic job though I can see so I'm hoping there would be a chance you can give me a little guidance? I would very much appreciate your help.

Attaching a couple of screenshots.


Re: HFS+ bootdrive unformatted, Size 0 Bytes, New name "Medi

Posted: 02 Aug 2012, 09:25
by bluetao
Test Disk found only 1 partition:
3758 MB / 3584 MiB
Test Disk says that partition is spread over 1,703,916 sectors

Wouldn't that mean that each sector is 2205.564349 bytes.

Am I confused? If not, how can I fix this kind of thing? Could someone give me some direction please?