I need your help to recover my data.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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I need your help to recover my data.

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I have experienced the same problem in the following link I have shared. I take my disk with testdisk and rebuild it with pdisk, but I can't configure it correctly. Please, I wish a friend could help me step by step. Because I really don't understand. My current problem is that an APM corrupted disk needs support for which steps to take and what parts of it to get the correct information again.What information do I need to solve this problem? How do I get the right information. I received a lot of information with the test disk, but I can not make sense.

"Original article, Jan 4, 2008
Say you’ve got an external harddisk in a Firewire or USB enclosure. It’s Apple Partition Map (APM) partitioned and contains a couple of HFS+ Journaled formatted volumes. You’re happily using it on your Mac and for some reason you’ve decided to hook it up to a Windows PC. You’ve installed MacDrive on it, but somehow it doesn’t recognize the volumes that are on it. You check the Disk Management tool and you notice a red stop sign on the external drive. When you right-click the symbol, you’re able to “initialize” the drive. You hesitate for a second, but decide it must mean something like “just start the damn thing up, so that it works” (later on you know that this must have been your weakest moment of that day, maybe even the entire week, but at this “moment suprême” you feel it’s the only choice). And then, disaster strikes. Cause “initialize” means something entirely else. The Disk Management tool has just overwritten the APM with a Master Boot Record (MBR) and all partition information seems lost."

https://www.broes.nl/2008/01/restore-an ... ition-map/

My Disk

Should I choose efi GPT or apple when I run the test disc?
What should be the disk's geometry settings?
A recovery software had the following information, should I enter this information in the geometry section?


I try to create a partition table again with pdisk, but it never shows the actual disk size. I guess I couldn't enter the right information from the very beginning. I need your help with this.

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Re: I need your help to recover my data.

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Sorry, I am not familiar with Apple stuff.

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