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Recover broken RAID 10 with Veracrypt encrypted partitions

Posted: 19 Dec 2019, 18:13
by t0m123

I'm using Veracrypt and before Truecrypt since ages without any problems. until now.

what exactly happened is not important for my question, but I had to recover my sysdrive with a backup image. so it was kinda serious...

my windows 10 is running fine again but somehow my RAID 10 broke...

I have 4 1tb SSDs connected to my motherboard and set up as RAID 10 via Intel RST RAID. that's just storage, not system.

but now 2 of my 4 drives are not part of the array anymore for some odd reasons. and unfortunately of course the wrong ones (grrr).

so everything on this array is not accessible anymore. and to make it even more difficult 2 of 3 partitions are crypted with Veracrypt. :(

I tried a few RAID Recovery tools but in none of them I can select all 4 drives (the 2 still in the RAID won't be shown at all). I can select only the 2 drives which are not anymore in the array.
for example ReclaiMe Free RAID Recovery says it's missing disks (obviously) and can't continue the RAID recovery because of that.

another problem might be that windows shows 2 times the same drive config in diskmanager but one is set to offline because of a signature conflict. but I don't know.

I searched a lot on the internet but I had no luck at all. :(

does anyone here have an idea how to solve this issue?

every help is appreciated!

thnx in advance!

Re: Recover broken RAID 10 with Veracrypt encrypted partitions

Posted: 21 Dec 2019, 08:29
by cgrenier
The best solution is probably to use ddrescue to clone each disk individually and try to rebuild the volume image from the disk images.
A lot of space is needed for such operation.