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Portable WD 320GB (RAW)

Posted: 09 Aug 2012, 14:29
by ihnn35
1. On Windows 7, when connected, the computer fails to see the drive unter Windows Explorer.
2. On Windowx XP, I receive the message to format the drive (I know, I won't).
3. On Disk Management, HDD appears as Healthy without any File System (RAW)
4. CHKDSK .... doesn't work on RAW.
5. After one day, for a short period of time, when connected the autorun TRIED to start, started for 2 secs, then nothing..
6. When using TestDisk to analyse, I get read error, and now trying to locate the partition...

..... I lost my work's data. Any suggestions to retrieve my drive EVEN for a few days, so as to copy the data?