Unable to restore Windows 10 boot after recovering partitions. How to fix?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Unable to restore Windows 10 boot after recovering partitions. How to fix?

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I'm unable to boot my Windows 10 (64 bits) after recovering the partitions. I will give some details and post some screen photos bellow in order to illustrate what happened and what I did until now.

Issue's background:

Some few days ago, my Windows 10 Tablet/PC suddenly displayed a "locking" blue screen and just shut down. When I restarted, it displayed an EFI boot screen.


I had this problem before, which could be solved by going to the Boot menu in the bios and selecting the Windows Boot Manager option. However, that option disappeared.


I used some diskpart commands and I found that the partitions were gone.


Thanks to TestDisk, I was able to recover the missing partitions. One of the partitions were in raw format, though.


I fixed that problem using chkdsk /f C: command.


The issue:

I'm still unable to boot Windows, as the EFI boot screen persists. The partition C should be Windows, not the 100 MB partition (previously in raw format and fixed with chkdsk) and none of them is marked as bootable. For this reason, I believe the solution presented in the chapter 10 of the User Guide doesn't work here.

Any idea about how to fix this problem?
Secondary question: The 100 MB partition (FAT32) shouldn't be the SYSTEM partition?

If you need more details, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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