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Files corrupt after extraction with recovery software

Posted: 29 Apr 2021, 18:46
by Playstereo
My raid o configuration 2 Seagate 3TB Desktop HDD SATA 6Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive (ST3000DM001). One of the drives failed. I had to restore windows and now the partition shows unallocated. I created a new partition on Intel BIOS and attempted to use Testdisk to find the previous partition to potentially see the files and copy them.
1. Testdisk reported " Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged"
2. Attempted to rebuild BS after 1 week it got stuck and did not move. I had to exit
1. Per Crystal disk info the drive is critical.
2. I attempted to recover my files with Photorec, UFS explorer pro, Magi parition,EaseUS, Recover it, disk drill, Minitool power data recovery,active Undelete, DD rescue GUI windows, and the only one that showed promise was hetman Partition recovery. Found the files extracted but are corrupt and unable to read them. I have spent now a month straight trying to get the files back with no success.
3. I realized that I have bad disk possibly logical.
4. My last attempt I am using HDD Regenerator to fixed sectors ( I realize this is temporary fix and just need to get access to the files to copy). So far 36 hours into it and and so far found almost 2500 sectors that have been fix..but it looks like I will be waiting a for a month before it finishes.

I do not want to spend $1000.00 dollars to recover 300mb of pdf files. is not worth the money. and send the drives to the LAB. They explained to me that they would have to change parts from a donor drive and attempt to revive the drive and try to get the files out. It may take 20 days for them.

Question for the PROS here. ?

when the sectors are corrupted in this way its a hardware issue correct on this case?
By replacing the heads from a donor drive I can potentially get the drive to react or recover just enough time to get my files correct ?
I was thinking buying a donor hard drive and do the job myself would be way cheaper then $1000.00

Please let me know if this is my last option or just give up on my files ?

thank you in advance.

Re: Files corrupt after extraction with recovery software

Posted: 30 Apr 2021, 10:14
by recuperation
When looking at your problem description you already did everything wrong what one could do wrong on a logical recovery level.
You did not tackle the problem in a structured way.
I really doubt you have any chance of recovery trying to replace heads yourself based on a vague hope alone.

Re: Files corrupt after extraction with recovery software

Posted: 02 May 2021, 15:35
by Playstereo
Good morning. So at this time based on everything I tried. You are saying just to give up and let the data be lost. I am trying DDresuce to clone the disk at the last resource but its taking over 35 days.. Should I just stop it and not wasted anymore time then ?

Re: Files corrupt after extraction with recovery software

Posted: 02 May 2021, 18:12
by recuperation
Please read point 14:


Re: Files corrupt after extraction with recovery software

Posted: 03 May 2021, 07:16
by Playstereo
thank you I guess.. I got the message by reading the other post.

I decided not to pursuit the project anymore. God forbids I ask the question wrong or do not ask it how is expected. Since the only reason I am asking is precisely because I don't come into this issues every day and yes data is only important for the person asking for help. And Yes, if it's important why did I save it. Yes I usually do but you don't need to know this but I had a death in the family plus going to a divorce in the last 2 years and my son tried to take his life about 3 months ago. But gee.. I forgot to back the data right? But do appreciate whoever tried to help sincerely. I can only guess what happens next after I read the reply tomorrow. have a great day and GOD bless.