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disk not booting

Posted: 01 Aug 2021, 20:50
by marsgorski
I have Windows 10 installed on my hard drive. The problem started when I started getting the blue screen of death, but now I don't even get that, I can only boot into BIOS or into a bootable US. I have SystemRescue on a usb.

I can mount the hard drive but I am unable to find my personal files. Instead of finding folders such as "Program Files" or "Documents and Settings" I cannot find any of those. Below is a screenshot of fsarchiver (which sees my 1TB harddrive) and ls after mounting the HD.

I ran testdisk but I don't know what the output is telling me. The second screenshot shows the output.

Any ideas? which diagnostics/repair tools can I use that might allow me to boot back into Windows, or at least to recover my data.



Re: disk not booting

Posted: 01 Aug 2021, 21:28
by recuperation
Replace your broken links by picture uploads to this site.