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repair a filesystem image

Posted: 16 Sep 2012, 13:09
by waldopepper
Sorry to be so dense but I don't understand what to do to repair a filesystem image.

The disk I am working on came from a win7 64bit machine. It is running currently in an external usb dock connected to a winxp 32bit machine.
I run testdisk on the drive it finds the partitions fine but indicates file system damage and the online documentation for testdisk says

"To recover partition from a media image or repair a filesystem image, run
testdisk image.dd to create a raw disk image"

The drive letter is h:\

I just don't understand what it is I am to type to accomplish/attempt this, and where?

Re: repair a filesystem image

Posted: 13 Oct 2012, 14:16
by cgrenier
You are working on a disk, not from a disk image.
If you run TestDisk, Advanced, Boot, RebuildBS, List, do you see your files ? If it's the case, choose Write, confirm, Quit and reboot.
If you have problems, please post the step by step screen shots.