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Test Disk Sees Partitions Cannot Access Files !!!

Posted: 17 Oct 2012, 18:59
by mullhull
After A deeper search test disk sees two partitions one as bootable * on as logical L on my samsung 750 gig HD was running vista upgraded to windows 8 development to use new drivers for licensed animation software tied to that machine .When I press P to see the data Test Disk says the file system is corrupted and cannot be accesed .I try going back to the main menu file system repair but it says no partitions found ,start over 12 hour search approx to find partitions. I have read through the examples but I must be missing some thing .The partitions it finds are approx the size of the original partitions ,I wrote test mbr to disk and it boots to 1234 that is all .About ready to format working on it off and on for a week. Any suggestions on speeding the process finding the partitions accesing the data restoring MBR . If I have to I will format and contact software company .I am stumped any suggestions at all are gladly welcomed . AND THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT SOFTWARE Mulls

Re: Test Disk Sees Partitions Cannot Access Files !!!

Posted: 04 Nov 2012, 20:46
by cgrenier
Can you post some screenshots or paste the testdisk.log content ?

Re: Test Disk Sees Partitions Cannot Access Files !!!

Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 10:48
by Ronaldk
Hello, I have exactly the same problem. After finding the correct partitions, I get Filesystem may be damaged. Guide suggests Chkdsk but Windows does not even see the drive.
Drive is a Seagate 250 gig. It is from my HP Pavillion. HP recovery partition does list files correctly.

Log is attached.

Thanks in advance,