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ext3 Logical Volume on RAID0

Posted: 16 Nov 2012, 09:22
by bitronictech
I was running a Xen virtualization, after rebooting one of my VPS the files were all gone. Of course I ran fsck fsck said the drive was clean, with 6500000 files. I mounted the drive, nothing there. I tried using fsck.ext3 -p -b superblock -B blocksize device to recover the filesystem... no luck.

Still nothing there. I installed testdisk on my Dom0 and unmounted the logical volume. I ran testdisk and it saw all the top level folders, but said the filesystem was damaged and it could not access the inner folders. i tried fsck.ext3 -p -b superblock -B blocksize device on a few of the superblocks, no luck. Now I'm using photorec to get the files, but they will be useless without name or structure. Is there any way to restore a working filesystem to the volume?

Re: ext3 Logical Volume on RAID0

Posted: 18 Nov 2012, 07:15
by bitronictech
I'm sorry the disks were in a RAID 0