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Hard disk formatted accedentally

Posted: 15 Dec 2012, 16:38
by kashif
I am a new user here and also on Ubuntu. while installing Ubuntu, my hard disk was formatted accedentally and i lost all my data and partitions also. Now i have only ubuntu as Os and my windows installation is also deleted. I want to get my data back, but don't know where to start. I have been reading Testdisk wiki and forums here last week, but unable to understand how to proceed. Can anyone simply list down steps i need to do. e.g. do i need to recover partitions first and then files or simply files( I really don't understand from wiki :( ). also will these files saved on same place on hard disk like sectors etc or i need a separted storage to avoid any lost of data.


Also I don't know which forum will be appropriate, if this question in not related to this forum, please pardon me and guide me where to ask it.

Re: Hard disk formatted accedentally

Posted: 20 Dec 2012, 16:49
by kashif
After posting my problem here, i have tried to use Testdisk, and it worked for me. but still there is a problem

I had 3 logical drives on my hard disk, C, D and E. I have been able to recover my data from E drive (I am not sure if some data is lost or not, but i think most of data is back). But when i try to list files from C and D partitions, it says that files systems is demaged (which should be as I installed ubuntu on it). Is there any option to recover data from these 2 drives, whose file system or file table is damaged?